Day 68 – November 29, 2023: I Samuel 11-15 and Psalm 10

We continue along with the acts of Saul and his victories. But even from the very beginning we see that he doesn’t fully understand the role of Samuel and his role as king in carrying out the commands of the Lord. The first thing he does is that he makes a rash vow that anyone who eats before the battle will be killed. Of course it turns out to be Jonathan who dips his spear an eats honey because he didn’t hear Saul say that no one should eat. Jonathan, Saul’s son, also criticizes Saul because what a terrible strategy that is. Don’t eat until after the battle. How weak the warriors would be.

Then Saul is about to go into battle but he is waiting for old Samuel to come along when he promised he was coming. He became impatient and decided to do the sacrifices to the Lord by himself, which again was strictly forbidden. Samuel does come when he says, just later in the day, and is angry with Saul. In fact, he tells him that the Lord has take the kingdom away from him. This sets the stage for young David to come into the picture. That is going to be the next chapter in this saga. Notice again, people obey until they don’t. Then God finds someone who will obey better.

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