November 9, 2017: Day 80 – Esther 4

One of the most powerful verses in all of Scripture is found in this chapter.  Unceasingly I use vs.14 as a standard for my life.  Who knows, maybe for such a time as this you were placed where you are today?  I believe that with my whole heart and soul simply because I have seen it played out in my life.  I absolutely believe that God has placed us where we are in our lives for a specific purpose and a specific reason.  I know that God placed me in Italy, in Florida, in Russia, in Strasburg for a specific purpose.  It wasn’t always clear to me when I was living in those places, but looking back I can say with certainty: it is for this reason that God placed me there at that time and at that place.

This is a confidence and an assurance that we need to have.  There can be no doubt in our lives that God has placed us where we are and involved us in certain activities and moments in our lives for specific purposes.  When we speak about Esther, she has an opportunity to save the existence of an entire race.  But it was not easy.  I am not saying that God has called you to a specific task and a specific time and a specific place and it is going to be easy.  No, it absolutely will not be easy.  But it will be God’s will.  It reminds me of this scene in Narnia:

God has called us to a specific time and a specific place, but that does not mean that it will be risk free.  Esther shows that she is willing to take the risk, but demands that the Israelites pray with and for her.  




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