Day 177 – April 19, 2024: Ezekiel 36-40 and Psalm 65

We go from the very generic prophecies that speak against the people of Israel, to speaking against the surrounding nations, to speaking against the leaders of the people of Israel, specifically the religious leaders, to words of hope in these passages today. We find Scriptures that should be familiar. We see in 36 the promise of a new covenant and a new heart instilled within each one of us. Look at 36:26ff where we see a clear renewal of the nation of Israel. It is a renewal which has at its core the Spirit of the Lord.

Speaking of the Spirit of the Lord we see in chapter 37 the valley of the dry bones where God manifests clearly the ability to transform the dead of Israel, those who have gone into captivity, those who have no hope because of generations, actually 70 years so multiple generations, of bondage and exile, to a renewal and a revival of the people of Israel from bones to living beings. This life is given as a result of the Spirit of the Lord breathed into each of the bones and each of the lives that are present in that valley. As we wind ourselves through Ezekiel we see this flow that eventually takes us back to the promise of the Lord that in spite of our unfaithfulness He will never leave us or forsake us or abandon us forever. That’s something to count on.

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