July 7, 2022: Day 143 – Job 1-3 and Romans 1-3

These are two of my favorite books of the Bible.  Job, simply because the story is profound and the love of God and the strength of Job’s faith is self-evident.  Romans because it contains the meat of all of our theology and the reasons for why we believe what we believe.  Let’s briefly look at the beginning of both of these books of the Bible.

The scene is set for Job to lose everything he has  and all at once.  The messengers come one on top of another.  Job mourns and praises God in that order.  The next scene Job loses his health with sores that can only be scraped with a pot shard.  His friends come from far and don’t say a word, just sit with him for a week in the dust of the earth.  Now, those are some good friends, just sitting with Job in the midst of his suffering, not trying to provide any answers, just sitting with him.

In Romans we begin with Paul clearly saying that the Gospel is now open to all of humanity including the gentiles, but God has still chosen the Israelites as His people and there is a benefit to being Jewish.  We look at this term righteous where it is defined in 3:10-11 as a desire to seek after God.  Conversely when God is defined as righteous it means that He is constantly and without fail seeking after us.  That is the righteous God that we serve.

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