Day 22 – September 29, 2023: Exodus 39-40 and I Peter 1-5

We finish up Exodus with the details of the garments of the priest that he needs to wear. We also see that Moses was given charge to do some quality control and he checked it all out and it was admissible. God then comes and fills the tabernacle, and not even Moses is able to go in when God is in the house. Once the cloud lifts from the tabernacle then the people of Israel are able to move forward toward the promised land. They are not wandering at this point, they are slowly but surely making their way to the promised land. Their wandering, and the disobedience that causes their wandering, comes later.

On to I Peter where we find a letter written by ostensibly Simon Peter, who was the disciple of Jesus who is also considered the one who headed up the church in Jerusalem. But here he is said to be in Babylon, which we know means Rome. So here is the concept of Peter heading up the church in Rome and how this then carries over into the Roman Catholic Church. It is from this letter. There are some really powerful Scriptures here including the part of one that I use for the benediction on Sundays. Look at I Peter 3:9 where we read not to repay anyone evil for evil. We also see that in Romans 12:17-21.

There is a lot in this chapter, and some of it is not cut and dry, and is even somewhat controversial. There is a lot mentioned about men and women. There is something mentioned about slaves. There is a glorification of persecution, if you are the one being persecuted. But we also find a promise in this Scripture that if you are able to make it through this time of trial then you will receive the prize of eternal life. That’s a good way to end this.

One thought on “Day 22 – September 29, 2023: Exodus 39-40 and I Peter 1-5

  1. Jeffrey Marsh

    I loved 1 Peter. I don’t recall having loved it so much when I read through the Bible a few years ago. I think it is because I read through the entire letter in one sitting. And I also think it impacted me so much as a perfect contrast to the Exodus passage. I didn’t wrestle at all with its difficult messages; I found them perfect and inspirational in their simplicity.


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