May 2, 2021: Day 57 – II Chronicles 24

Joash is 7 when he takes over the throne and become king.  We know that he has Jehoiadah who is guiding and directing him which is a good thing because what could a 7 year old do that would be helpful.  He reigns for ten years and he is only 17 at that time.  What good could a 17 year old do.  We do see that he reigns for a total of 40 years which would make him 47 when he was killed at the end of this chapter.

Now, Jehoiada continued to give him direction and guidance and together they rebuilt the temple and did all things that needed to be done in order to restore the presence of the Lord back in Jerusalem at the temple.  This included a temple tax which the people joyfully gave and celebrated because they could see the direct impact that tax had on rebuilding the temple.  That is the key component to any giving.  If you can see a direct result of your giving you will be more than likely grateful to give.

Once Jehoiada dies, then things go downhill fast.  Not even his son, Zecheriah, is able to prevent the downslide.  Joash kills Zecheriah and as a result he opens himself up to an invasion which comes shortly after that.  This invasion then leads to his death.  Upon his death his son, Amaziah, succeeds him.  You wonder if the cycle is going to continue or if Amaziah is going to lead the people in the direction that God would want them to go.  We will see the next chapter.