Day 191 – May 8, 2024: Revelation 13-18

Once again it is absolutely impossible to understand the original meaning of Revelation without knowing a little bit about what is happening in the first century. Remember, Jerusalem and all of the promised land including the regions where all of the disciples and apostles are now living is under the rule of the Roman Empire. So when we hear talk about the great city that is fallen and is buring, see Revelation 18 and other places, it needs to be clear that John, the author is clearly speaking about Rome.

We know that in 64, when John would have clearly been alive, the great city of Rome burned for over a week. There is a common story that Nero, the great emperor, was playing the fiddle while it was burning. At the end of the day Nero blames the Christians for setting Rome on fire which leads to the greatest of persecutions which lasted for centuries. All of this we see in Revelation, even in the places where it talks in 17:9 about the seven hills. It is common knowledge that to this day Rome is constructed on seven hills. This was true back then as well. We would do well to know a little history before trying to attribute modern events to what is happening in Revelation. What was is and will be…

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