October 19, 2019: Day 35 – II Samuel 4

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for the family of Saul, it does.  Paul’s son is really bummed out because his general, who was protecting him was killed, so he goes and takes a nap.  That’s pretty good strategy.  While he was napping two of the soldiers, they were probably generals in that they were in charge of people, came in and killed Saul’s son Ishbaal, you know, the one who was napping.  

They were pretty proud of themselves, as those who had killed Saul were, and cut off the head of the son and brought it before David with a lot of pride and expecting quite a bit of reward.  David reacts as we would expect by killing these two men who killed the sitting king of Israel  while he was napping and buried the body of the son of Saul while stringing the bodies of the two men on the walls of the city.  Hopefully things start to get better for the people of God real soon.

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