April 4, 2021: Day 29 – I Chronicles 25

It is interesting how we have an entire chapter devoted to the musicians of the temple.  It is not a new thing to have musicians highly esteemed and valued in the life of the church.  The music of the church during worship can and should absolutely move you to a place where you feel as if you are in direct communion with God.  It is not a place filler, but it is an opportunity to experience God even more fully.  We also need to be aware that the presence of musicians and instruments in the life of the church is not a contemporary phenomenon, but rather a recurring and desired event within the life of the church.

How these musicians were to be incorporated and used in the life of the church was to be decided by the casting of lot, which to me is a bit curious.  Since I’m the person who schedules the media folks and other people for the life of the church and normally I do it in a way that is convenient for them and matching their gifts and their skills with our needs.  That would seem like a more human way of doing things.

But one could also say the same thing for the calling of pastors.  In the Presbyterian system the call process is one where the pastor discerns and decides as well as the church discerning and deciding through interviews and prayers.  But there are still churches who discern their pastor through the casting of lots.  If the lot falls on the person then they are the one selected to lead the church as the pastor.  This is the system that has been used in Biblical times and even in modern times.  The more things change the more they stay the same.

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