Day 145 – March 9, 2024: Job 8-10 and Romans 6-8

We go in streaks here in this blog with material that is a bit pedantic, and then other material that every chapter there is something of import that needs to be discussed, but given the limitations of this space we aren’t able to cover all of it. We find ourselves once again this latter situation. After Job is told to repent by another one of his friends, he ends up saying that his loathes, read hates, his life. The reality of his current life was such that there didn’t seem to be any value because God has seemed to basically have abandoned him.

We then move on to chapter 6-8 of Romans which arguably has some of the best known memory verses and theological concepts in all of Scripture. Chapter 8 we call at times: “pieces of eight”, because it has so many precious verses that we should know. Let me give you just a couple of examples in 8. Look at vs.1, just to begin the chapter, we have the assurance that we have no condemnation in Jesus. vs.18 where we see that the present suffering doesn’t even compare to the future glory that we will experience. vs.26 that speaks to prayer and how it intercedes and takes over for us when we are not capable or able to pray as we should pray. vs.30 refers to predestination, the favorite of the Presbyterian theologies. vs.38 tells us that we are more than conquerors in Jesus.

Paul gives us the assurances that we need to recognize that Jesus is our Savior and that Savior provides all the assurances that we need to understand that our salvation is assured and cannot be taken away from us.

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