November 9, 2019: Day 56 – Hosea 1

The women of the church have just  finished a study on Hosea and what  I heard the take away was that no one is able to define you except the way in which the Lord defines us.  God commands one of his servants, a prophet named Hosea, to live a metaphorical life.  Go and marry a woman of whoredom because the people of Israel have been unfaithful to me.

The book of Hosea is written right after a time in the life of Israel that was pretty prosperous and very stable.  But now Assyria is starting to flex its muscle and by the time Hosea finishes his prophecies the people of Israel in 722 are taken into exile and the temple is destroyed.  So, what we find happening in Hosea is the prophet telling the people that this is about to happen.  You need to straighten up or else.  They don’t straighten up.