Day 132 – February 21, 2024: II Chronicles 17-21 and Proverbs 14

So for the most part the kings of Judah did what was pleasing in the sight of the Lord, unless your name is Jehoram. And the result of your unfaithfulness is a disease of the bowels that finishes with a painful death. If that isn’t incentive to obey the Lord, don’t know what is. But it is surprising to me to see king after king who pretty much obeys the Lord and does his bidding. We see that Jehoshaphat even tore down the high places which is more than what Asa or some of the other kings did. But even he couldn’t draw himself from the temptation of seeing what building ships and sailing them would feel like.

Look at Proverbs 14 where you have a long list of dos and donts. There is some real wisdom there that allows each of us to grow if we were to only listen to its advice. How can you argue with: “The talk of fools is a rod to their back and the lips of the wise preserve them.” I can’t help but notice that the more a foolish talker talks, the more trouble he gets himself in. While the more a wise person keeps silent, the more his words are valued. What a great life lesson.

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