Day 131 – February 20, 2024: II Chronicles 11-16

Forty one years as king is a pretty good gig. Even if only 25 of them were faithful, still the reign of Asa rivaled the reign of his ancestors David and Solomon, long and peaceful. What we have here in Chronicles is a bit of a cliff notes version of the reigns of the kings and all that takes place. Right now we are only looking at the southern kingdom, Judah, with whatever history we receive from the north, Israel, as being somewhat tangential. For the most part we have good rulers who are overseeing the reign of Judah. We aren’t innundated with names.

Notice what happened to the priests who were faithful to God and yet lived in the north. They decided to come back down south and be able to live and worship and serve the one true God. That happens sometimes. When where we are seems to have lost its way it might be important to move to a place where we feel that God is more present, or at least where we are able to experience God more fully. The ficklness is ours and ours alone, but there is something to be said about emotion and how we feel about something. God was directly present in Judah because the people were faithful, period. That wasn’t an emotion.

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