October 30, 2017: Day 71 – Revelation 16

This chapter is really a continuation from the previous one where we were introduced to the seven bowls of wrath that were going to be coming.  Today in this chapter we read about the details of each of these bowls of wrath.  Keep in mind that the people of John’s community were experiencing wrath at the hands of the Romans every single day.  Each of these descriptions could relate to life events that were happening within their communities and to which they could relate.

You can’t help but make a correlation between these seven bowls of wrath and the ten plagues that the Egyptians experienced at the hands of God when Moses asked Pharaoh to let his people go.  You can find those ten plagues in Exodus 7-11 which ends with the death of the first born son which really sent Pharaoh over the edge and caused him to release the Israelites from captivity.  

I hope you do notice that each of these seven plagues is directed towards those who are worshiping and following the beast.  There is an eerie similarity between these plagues and that which we see in Exodus.  Notice also that those who are suffering under these plagues refused to repent.  At least in the book of Judges when we read about the people doing what was evil in the sight of God at a certain point they repented.  

We find mention of Armageddon in vs. 16.  Just so that you are aware below you will find a picture of  Armageddon.  The picture was taken by John Faltin during our last Israel trip.  You should be able to see that it is a place of crossroads.  People travelling from east, west, north, and south would intersect with each other.  Not only people, but armies would also intersect at this place.  It is here where people think the final battle will take place because so many battles over history have taken place in this location.  You can see it clearly from the place where it is thought that Elijah did prophetic battle with the priests of Baal.  You remember that story, where God burned them all up in one fiery inferno when their god fell asleep.  

So, this is a very central location and when it is mentioned here in Revelation it is more than just a location, it is the THE location.  This is another example where for us Armageddon may mean the end of the world, for them it is a particular crossroads where they met people all the time.  

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