May 13, 2018: Day 29 – Exodus 29

So this is the ordination service of Aaron and his children, but primarily Aaron.  I’ll never forget my ordination, I know, it isn’t about me, but it is interesting how different ordination services are today as opposed to how they were back then.  I can safely say that no animals were sacrificed at my ordination.  But there was laying on of hands, just as there is here in Exodus.  It is important to note how important the priesthood was seen in the Hebrew community.  I would argue that when you find yourself in a theocracy that the priest is the most important player in the community.  

It is interesting that the role of pastor has diminished in society these days.  The pastor used to be the first person who was approached for counsel for any issues that society may have faced, that families may have faced, that businesses may have faced.   There was a sense that when you needed a disinterested voice, then the pastor was the person you wanted to contact.  That simply is not the case anymore.  I rejoice when I am called and asked for insight, but even in my 20+ years I am noticing that it is happening less and less.  That makes me a bit sad.

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