Day 63 – November 22, 2023: Ruth 1-4 and Psalms 45 and 58 and Proverbs 31

The story of Naomi, and it is much more about Naomi than it is about Ruth, is one of my favorites. Keep in mind that Ruth becomes someone who is mentioned in the line of Jesus as his ancestor. That is a big deal. Jesus has a lot of people, specifically women, who are foreigners and who are not Israelites in his blood. Some of them were prostitutes, Rahab, and others simply were women who did not follow the God of Israel growing up. We know that for the most part the faith of the child is passed down through the mother, so this could raise some intersting thoughts about Jesus. He and his family were definitely influenced by foreign thougths. King David was also someone who would have known his grandmother was from Moab, and not an Israelite.

As we make our way through the Psalms and also Proverbs 31 we find in this Proverb a favorite of many. It describes a good wife. Notice that almost entirely the good wife is at the service of the family and the husband. I’m guessing that a 21st century Proverb would probably look different.

One thought on “Day 63 – November 22, 2023: Ruth 1-4 and Psalms 45 and 58 and Proverbs 31

  1. Jeffrey Marsh

    I found the reading of Ruth to be such a fresh and welcome change of tone from Joshua and Judges. It is uplifting and inspirational for both the devotion of Naomi and the rectitude of Boaz.


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