April 1, 2020: Day 60 – II Kings 2

As we read this chapter we see a classic transition of power from Elijah on to Elisha who receives double the Spirit of Elijah.  And then there is a disturbing ending which causes us to catch our breath and think: Hmm, now that is weird.

Elijah is in his last days and wants to hand on his mantle, literally, to Elisha.  He does and he is carried away by chariots of fire, which again is an image that we are somewhat familiar with, at least in regards to the movie.  Once the mantle is passed on then Elisha begins his ministry in Jericho and transforms the city from a place of deadness, to a place of life.  He changes the water of the city so that it is able to be consumed and as a result it brings life.  Jericho is one of the oldest cities in the world and it continues to remain a viable city.  It is located in the midst of Palestinian territory and a place that is difficult to understand when you go there.  There is much conflict and much confusion as it finds itself really in hostile territory.  But it perseveres.

Then we find ourselves in the end of this chapter wishing this part wasn’t present, especially for those of us who are follicly challenged.  Elisha must have been bald because a band of boys came out and started to make fun of him saying: “Go away, baldhead!”  He cursed them in the name of God, yes, in the name of God, and two bears came out and killed 42 of those kids.  Not a great ending to the chapter.  It is a repetition of what we found in the earlier chapter: the moral of the story is: Don’t mess with the person of God… or don’t mess with God.

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