October 4, 2020: Day 43 – Jeremiah 43

So, yesterday we saw that the remnant asked Jeremiah if he would ask God what they should do, go to Egypt or not.  Jeremiah tells them God says no, do not go to Egypt.  They call Jeremiah a liar and that he is a spy of Babylon and is only looking to keep them in this land so the king of Babylon can have his way with them, and they go to Egypt anyway.   Keep in mind when they go they don’t just go with their families but they take all of the people that were left behind including Jeremiah.   They arrive in Egypt and God tells Jeremiah to do another object lesson.  He takes some stones and buries them in the mud outside of Pharaoh’s palace.  The object lesson is this.  Jeremiah tells the people of Israel that in a short period of time Babylon will come and invade the land of Egypt and the king of Babylon will set up his throne right over these buried rocks, which happened to be right outside of Pharaoh’s palace.  When Babylon does come then those who fled to Egypt will all be taken to Babylon, and some of them won’t even make it that far.  See, it would have been better to obey God originally and stay behind.

We don’t read about what their reaction is yet, but we get a pretty good feeling that this is really going to happen.  We have a pretty good idea that in the coming chapters Babylon is on their way.  If God says it, we can pretty much be assured that it is going to happen.

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