May 28, 2018: Day 44 – Leviticus 4

Have you ever heard the phrase that ignorance does not provide innocence?  The meaning is that if you don’t know about a certain law and you break that law, that you are still liable for the penalties that come under that law.  If you did not know that it was a 25mph zone and you thought it was 55mph zone and you were going 55mph you are not excused because you did not know.  You are still going to get a ticket.

Well, here the Lord provides for those times that you break the law of the Lord and you did not know that you had broken the law until later.  This chapter allows for the breaking of the law by the priest, the people, and the person.  It is a nice alliteration, but it provides for ways in which the sin can be forgiven, which again has to do with the sacrifice of animals.  So it isn’t that you can just break the law and ask for forgiveness later, these are times when you break the law and you simply did not know that it was a law.  We are not talking about it is better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.  

2 thoughts on “May 28, 2018: Day 44 – Leviticus 4

  1. carol r

    I have question about the altar, What is the horns of the altar? I don’t remember seeing this in the construction of the altar?

    1. kcooper

      It is interesting because the horns of the altar have a very specific meaning. If you go back to Exodus 27:2 you will see that the Lord commanded Moses to builds horns for the altar of one piece and overlaid with bronze. These horns take on more significant meaning in I Kings 1:50-53 where those who were seeking refuge from persecution could hang onto the horns of the altar which provided the person asylum and refuge. In Amos 3:14 the Lord says that he would cut off the horns of the altar which implies to me that Israel would no longer be granted that status of asylum and protection which the Lord once provided for Israel. Great pick up there Carol.


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