Day 139 – March 1, 2024: Nehemiah 1-7

I know the story of Nehemiah, but didn’t really know it. Let’s give a brief summary of it and remember its importance. The people of Israel were slaves in Babylon, taken captive by King Nebuhadnezzar and forced to work for him. Now with a new king Nehemiah, who was the king’s cupbearer, was sad in his presence. As a result the king said that he would grant what he wished to make him happy.

He asked to be able to return to Jerusalem to build its walls back up. The king granted the wish, but the surrounding countries were not happy at all. They remembered the power of Judah in the olden days and were afraid that they would rise up again as they had in the past. But the king of Babylon was more powerful and granted the wish of Nehemiah and he started building the walls. The walls were eventually built, and this was even before the houses were built within the walls. But they were always on edge because the nations surrounding them were looking to stop them from building.

Notice how they had to build. Some built while others guarded, even those building could only do it with one hand because the other hand was on a sword in case the enemies came wandering along. But the work was accomplished and now it was time to rebuild the city within the walls. Nehemiah did that which was the desire of the Lord and the Lord rewarded him in kind. Great book, let’s see what comes next in this story.

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