April 20, 2017: Day 110 – Psalm 110

The psalms have such beautiful imagery.  Look at vs.3 and the words which speak of the young who will be birthed in order to fight on the side of the Lord.  It speaks of the youth coming over the mountains as if from a womb just as the dew comes from the early morning.  It is beautiful, feminine imagery.  We have often seen imagery used that describes God in a masculine sense, but it is not exclusive to male imagery.  We find Jesus wanting to gather his people as a mother hen gathers her chicks.

Here in the Old Testament it is refreshing to hear about God in a way that uses feminine imagery.  I hope that is not threatening to anyone.  I have no problem seeing God in a feminine way, nor in a masculine way.  You see God completely transcends gender.  God is not male, God is…well, God.  Sure, Jesus was a male, but his maleness did not influence his divinity.  Jesus could have been Gelsomina, but he wasn’t.  But God could have chosen to come in the flesh as a woman, and can choose to do the same in God’s second coming.  The nature of God transcends our understand of male and female.  This psalm reflects the presence of God in a beautiful, artistic way which incorporate female imagery.  I like that.

One thought on “April 20, 2017: Day 110 – Psalm 110

  1. Kathy Barge

    I like that also. Had God not created the female he would have no chicks to gather and nurture. For everything there is a purpose.


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