Day 130 – February 19, 2024: II Chronicles 6-10 and Psalm 30

We get to see the reign of Solomon, and boy what a reign it was. Israel is so well ruled that the queen of Sheba comes along to see if the stories that she heard were actually true. Not only were they true, but Scripture says that she was crestfallen because Solomon’s rule was even greater than what she had heard. There is one way in which she describes his rule which I think is very telling. Basically she exclaims to Solomon that everyone is happy! From the lowest servant to the highest ruling person, everyone is happy because they know what their role and what their job is. That speaks a lot to the person who is in charge, that everyone is happy.

We do not read of a single instance in Chronicles where Solomon disobeys the Lord or does anything against the will of God. Unfortuantely, once his rule is over his son doesn’t do a great job. In fact, from the very first decision that he makes: “My finger is larger than the loins of David.”, the writing is on the wall. I know David, and you are no David.

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