July 6, 2018: Day 83 – Nehemiah 6

The wall is finished.  The neighbors aren’t happy.  In fact, their neighbors set up a false meeting with the now governor of Judah, Nehemiah, asking to meet with them so that they can iron out their differences.  Nehemiah understands that this is a plot in order to get him away from Jerusalem and do him harm.  The only thing remaining to do with the walls is to set the gates in their place.  

The story of the traitor in their midst is surprising.  The traitor, Shemaiah, who for some reason was confined to his house, told Nehemiah that he should run into the temple and hide because the neighbors who were looking to kill him, were about to overrun the city.  Nehemiah thought to himself that if his enemies are coming into the city that it would not be a good look to run and hide.  I should probably be on the front line and help defend with everyone else.  He then realized that this traitor was just saying that because it would make him look bad.  

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