June 15, 2019: Day 49 – Joshua 15

In the midst of the battles we find a love story and a story of sheer determination.  Achsah was the daughter of Caleb who was promised as the first trophy wife for anyone who might defeat Kiriath-sepher.  So, Caleb’s brother won the battle and claimed his niece as his trophy wife.  But she also had an agenda and that was that she would be able to live in much more comfort than she did before and so demanded of her father a land with springs for her now husband, Othniel.  So the story ends with Achsah being given in marriage as a trophy wife but she gets the last laugh with her choice of spas.

Sheer determination comes in the form of Jebusites who did not back down and so the people of Judah had to live with them in the territory that Joshua had given them.  We find that it isn’t until later, when David comes around, that Israel is able to take that land.  See, it isn’t all blood and gore in this chapter.

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