April 21, 2018: Day 7 – Exodus 7

Did you know that Moses was the little brother?  It is in vs. 7 that we see their ages when they approach Pharaoh.  It is not important for this part of the story, but it was interesting to me because it fits in with the other little brothers who were over their family like Isaac, and Joseph, and Jacob and others.  

The detail of this chapter is really quite rich.  We have read all of these stories in Sunday School, but I wonder since then if we have ever really read them?  I mean have you seen the detail in these stories?  The magicians were also able to throw their staffs down and snakes appear, but Moses’ staff which had turned into a snake ate up the other snakes.  The same way the magicians of Pharaoh were able to turn the water to blood, just like Moses did.  But they were not able to turn it back.

Did you notice that the water remained blood for 7 days?  Moses knew that Pharaoh would not relent, God had told him.  We are in Houston now, rebuilding, and it does feel like a plague has hit this city.  Entire blocks of homes are uninhabited and uninhabitable.  Slowly but surely the city is coming back, but these 7 months have been terrible for the city.  We know it was not the hand of God that caused this, but how can you not question the desires of the Lord in these situations?

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