December 10, 2019: Day 87 – Malachi 1

We find ourselves in the last book of the Old Testament, even if in our Challenges we have a few books in the OT that we have to go back over and address since we haven’t quite covered all of them.  Malachi is not a proper name of a prophet, it is simply a word in Hebrew which means “my messenger”.  So there is no Mr. Malachi, or the prophet called Malachi, but rather a book of the Bible which is called Malachi which simply means my messenger.  

I get a sense that Malachi is written more in layman’s terms and he seems to say things that are easier to understand.  Who doesn’t understand the Lord requiring us to respect our parents, or to give the best to the Lord, or to make sure that our promises are fulfilled?  Remember in Matthew 25, here we go again, when the person who is either included or excluded asks the very simple question, and it is the same question for both: But when did we see you hungry, or naked, or in need…etc.?  These same questions are asked here in Malachi but always in a negative sense.  When did we despise your name?  The priests ask the Lord.  When you offer blind animals for sacrifice when you are supposed to offer the best of the best.  

There is a verse that has a camp song attached to it.  Look at vs.11 and see if you recognize this tune.  Also, you see basically the same verses in Psalm 113:3.

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