Day 127 – February 14, 2024: I Chronicles 21-25 and Psalm 127

Here we have a very clear story of David sinning, but there is no real understanding of the motive for his sin except maybe he wanted to know how big and powerful her really was. So he told his underlings to take a census, which had always been something that had told him in no uncertain terms to ever do. But for some reason, and this is a bit puzzling to me, he clearly goes against God’s will for no real reason and for no real benefit. He even had an underling who told him that this wasn’t a good idea. This underling, Joab, refused to do a census for the Levites because he was furios that David had told him to do something that was clearly against God’s wishes.

Now that this is behind him, this sin, he sets to work to get things ready for his son Solomon to build the temple. We then get another geneology of the Levites. Why is this? Because it was the Levites who were in charge of the worship and in charge of all that took place in the Temple. This chapter focuses on the temple and here we have those who would be crucial in all things Temple.

Psalm 127 has a favorite quote where we read: Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. The house that is mentioned is the house of the Lord. The Temple has always been seen as the house of the Lord. This Psalm addresses that clearly. But we use it often to describe what we mean in our own homes or in churches. Again, we don’t believe that God lives in a building, but the buildings have always mattered.

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