Day 128 – February 15, 2024: I Chronicles 26-29 and Psalm 32 and Proverbs 13

Sometimes there is too much good stuff to include it all in what I write. I learned something while reading Chronicles. I had no idea that once David figured out that God had not reserved for him the joy of building the temple, that it was going to be his son Solomon who eventually was able to do it, that he set to work to ensure that when Solomon decided to build it he would have everything he needed. David squirreled away everything that might be needed for the building of the temple. What we find in the end of Chronicles is the importance of the logistics and the details in creating a space where God is able to be glorified. It may seem as if it is second nature to just praise God, but if the setting in which you find yourself, and if the accoutrements are distracting, then worship will be hard to come by. David knew the value of detail and he had it all laid out for his son so that all he had to do was say go and everyone knew what they needed to do and they had what they needed to do it. Pretty cool, also very controlling on David’s part.

Psalm 32 is awesome. It is the one where we find a wonderful combination of lament and the realization of all the promises that God has made. All of it is wrapped up in one Psalm. We go from: “My body wasted away from all my groaning all day long…” to “You are a hiding place for me, you preserve me from trouble, you surround me with glad cries of deliverance.” A bit of a whiplash which reminds us that God is faithful, period.

Then proverbs reminds us that if we do not discipline our children they will probably not turn out the way we would want or the way that God would want. A little known secret is that even if we do discipline our children they still may not, probably will not, turn out the way that we expect. Just be faithful in following what the Lord has put before you and trust that how they turn out, whether it is what you want or what they want or neither, is the way that the Lord wants them to turn out. That’s a lot of trust, but it is necessary.

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