April 2, 2017: Day 92 – Psalm 92

This Psalm sounds a lot like it was written by David.  There is a lot of music which is mentioned and we know that David was a lover of music.  We also hear about the horn which was mentioned earlier.  This horn was used to anoint the future king as we saw with Samuel when he anointed David.   The last four verses also sound very much like David as he mentions the trees which are planted near the house of the Lord.  

David’s style is pretty discernible.  Remember his background.  He grew up as a shepherd out in the field protecting his sheep from lions and tigers and bears…oh my!  As he was watching his sheep he was also busy playing his harp and making up songs which would one day hit platinum.  He can say from experience and from his life that it is good to give thanks to the Lord.  We give thanks to the Lord today.

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