January 30, 2018: Day 36 – Genesis 36

This begins a long series of begats which we don’t normally find in Genesis, but find a lot more of in Numbers.   But isn’t it interesting that we get so much detail about Esau who is not even the one who is part of the promised family.  Yes, he did absolutely receive a blessing, but not the blessing upon which all blessings flow.  Nevertheless, it is important to note that Esau was not seen as a bad guy at all.  He was not the one who was preventing Jacob/Israel from doing anything, but rather his brother who had his own important progeny.  

Notice over and over again we hear that Esau is Edom.  We read that in vs.1, 8, 9, 19, and 43.  But in vs.43 it seems like we have a bit of a redefinition as the author states: …according to their settlements in the land that they held.  So is Esau Edom or is the area and the land in which he settled Edom?  I think it is the latter.  Edom is an area which is settled and founded by Esau, but the two also seem to be interchangeable.  The only way we can find out that difference is if we look at the words in Hebrew.  Edom is the Hebrew word for red.  Do you remember what Esau means?  Look at Genesis 25:25 and we see that reflected both in the birth and the name of Esau.  

You can see the area that is being depicted in the picture below.  Notice how close it is to what is considered modern day Israel.  I have circled it in red.  Actually most of it is in modern day Israel.

really real edom

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