March 25, 2021: Day 19 – I Chronicles 15

Finally David gets his act together and puts a crack squad together to bring up the ark of the covenant, remember this considered the presence of God, into Jerusalem so that it could have a permanent home.  Also remember, this was before the temple is built, so it is just a temporary structure for the ark until David’s son, Solomon, actually builds the ark.  But look at the team that David pulls together in order to bring the ark into the place where it actually belonged.  

He brings together the Levites to carry the ark with poles just as he had planned for them to do.  David also required that they had singers and players of instruments who were well known in their trade in order to fulfill the task of bringing the ark into Jerusalem.  We see in vs.25 that the elders and David made the journey and God actually helped the Levites and as a result they sacrificed bulls and rams in order to show their respect to God.

David put on his best white robe as did all of the other priests and people involved in carrying, singing, playing so that the ark could enter its home.  David himself was “leaping and dancing” as the ark was coming into Jerusalem.  It sounds like a party.  All is going well and you can sense a theme of celebration and joy and there is nothing that could get in the way of this plan.  Until you get to vs.29.

Talk about random.  The daughter of Saul, Michal, saw David and she absolutely despised him.  Remember, David did not kill Saul, Saul died in battle at the hands of another nation and another enemy.  But it does set the stage of the next chapter.