March 26, 2021: Day 20 – I Chronicles 16

I hope you remember that King David is also attributed as having written the majority of the Psalms.  You know Psalm 23:  The Lord is my shepherd…, that was supposed to have been written by King David.  So for example you have in this chapter an extended song, what we could call psalm and you can see from where it comes.  Look at vs.8-22 and you will see a similarity in Psalm 105:1-15.  Look at vs.23-33 and you will find a similarity in Psalm 96.  Look at vs.34-36 and you will find a similarity in Psalm 106:47-48.  The entry of the ark of the covenant into its intermediate resting place, a tent, deserves some celebration and so the master of song writing, King David, trimmed no corners.  

But it just wasn’t the higher ups who were called to participate in this ceremony.  The people were called to join along.  They were encouraged in vs.36 to say: Amen.  The people at the end were encouraged to go home and David did so as well and blessed his family as he got home.  What a great day in the life of Israel.  We still don’t, and maybe we never will, see what happens to this daughter of Saul who was livid with David.  The next chapter we will find David wake up one morning and realize, you know, here I am in this nice house and God is living in a tent.  We might want to do something about that.

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