April 4, 2017: Day 94 – Psalm 94

Boy, I am behind.  Not sure how I got a day behind for two consecutive days.  Stay with me people!  This is one of those psalms with which I was not very familiar, but upon reading it there are some favorite sections that I really enjoy.  Look at vs.8-11, the imagery that the author uses is creative and compelling.  There are a set of rhetorical questions that are asked which when answered provide an obvious perspective of the majesty and providence of our Lord.  Does not the person who planted the ear hear?  That’s an interesting verb to use.  To plant an ear and watch it grow.  In English it could have a double meaning which I had to make sure not to ascribe to the Hebrew.  When I first read it I wondered if he was talking about an ear of corn.  That would make sense in our language.  It is not called an ear of corn in Hebrew, however, so the analogy falls flat.

He goes on and asks the question, does not the one who formed the eye see?  That is much more traditional.  Does not the one who disciplines also chastise?  They all go together and they all lead us to the same answer: Come on Man!  Of course!  God is well within His right to hear all that takes place, to see all that happens, and to chastise as He sees fit.  We don’t often want to give God that control and power, but it is His whether we choose to give it to him or not.  It is not ours to dole out, it has always been his prerogative.  

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