Day 116 – January 30, 2024: Psalm 22-24 and Proverbs 9

We are very familiar with Psalm 23 and there is a temptation to jump right there. But our readings purposefully build us up to Psalm 23 with the introduction of Psalm 22. This first Psalm gives us some insight into the mindset of David. He is calling for deliverance, he is calling for help amidst a certain life situation which is overwhelming and potentially sure destruction. But we see a lean in Psalm 22 to deliverance, and then the complete deliverance in Psalm 23. The assurance that God is the one who will protect and keep even in the midst of times of trial.

Psalm 24 takes us to the temple where we can offer sacrifices and sing praises to the God who does deliver. As a result we are called from deliverance to reliance upon wisdom, Proverbs 9, for all of our ways. It is one thing to be delivered, it is one thing to offer sacrifices and give thanks for our deliverance, but now we need to make sure that we don’t find ourselves right back to where we were calling out for deliverance. Only wisdom can do that, only wisdom given from God can keep us for good out of trouble. Wisdom is a good thing after which we ought to strive.

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