March 23, 2021: Day 17 – I Chronicles 13

We continue on in the life of David as King.  Most of this story is taken from II Samuel 6:2-11.  We find ourselves with the people of Israel requesting from David that the ark of the covenant be brought to the city of David so that the presence of the Lord can be felt with the people and not in some far off city near Egypt.  They brought the ark with singing and dancing and a determination to let the Lord know how pleased and thrilled they were to be able to be in His presence again, until they arrive at Chidon.  Apparently the roads in Chidon weren’t the best because the ark of the covenant was getting tossed around a bit on the backs of the oxen.  

One of the priests hoping to be a hero put his hand on the ark to steady it.  Well, that was a no-no.  God struck him dead for daring to put his hand on the ark, basically to touch God Himself.  You don’t do that in the OT, you let the ark of the covenant alone.  The folks in Raiders of the lost Ark learned their lesson the hard way, and apparently so did Uzzah who was one of the drivers of the cart and so felt responsible to secure the ark so that it would arrive in one piece.  

David was not pleased that God would strike down one of his priests especially since it seemed like a pretty innocent gesture and maybe even one that required praise as opposed to destruction.  Also, David because afraid of God on that day.  I don’t want that ark anywhere near me.  What if I happen to lean against it by mistake?  I don’t want the same fate to befall me.  So David pawned it off, not really, to a neighbor who agreed to take it and look after it for three months.  That neighbor was greatly blessed as a result.  

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