April 12, 2021: Day 37 – II Chronicles 4

So if earlier the primary element used was gold, this chapter bronze is seen throughout the description of the building of the temple.  At one point the description reaches a point that so much bronze is used that the author states in vs.18: “Solomon made all these things in great quantities, so that the weight of the bronze was not determined.”  They basically gave up trying to figure out how much weight and how much value they were placing into the temple.  

This chapter pretty much brings to the end of the building of the temple with all of its descriptions.  I love how it describes where all of this was being made.  We find in vs.17 that the vast majority of what is described in this chapter was made in the valley of the Jordan.  Remember, when we are talking about the valley of the Jordan, it would be the Jordan river which runs from all the way up north starting in the Sea of Galilee and all the way down to the Dead Sea.  Keep in mind that the northernmost portion of the Dead Sea is pretty much parallel to Jerusalem.  Look at the map below and then we can see that the Jordan Valley was not a very long distance from Jerusalem.  It is less than 20 miles.

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