April 11, 2021: Day 36 – II Chronicles 3

In the construction of the temple in this chapter you see the primary ingredient, the primary item that was used was gold.  I had never realized how valuable a temple of these dimensions and with this much gold would really be.  Below you will find the dimensions of the temple in relationship to what something that we might we familiar with might look like.

Notice the dimensions of the temple which was 150 feet long and 75 feet wide.  This is not a small structure.  Think of a church that might be that size.  St. Peter’s in Rome is actually 720 feet by 490 feet.  Okay, so that is a bit larger than the temple.  But we are talking about a structure which was built 2000 years earlier.  The pyramids, which were built right around 2000 years before that was actually bigger than St. Peter’s, so it is 756 feet by 756 feet.  Yeah, when we went to Egypt  we realized how crazy big they are.

But this structure which Solomon is building was considered the absolutely gem of its day.  This was not the case because of its size but as we read through the following chapter consider all that was included in this temple.  It is pretty impressive.

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