September 9, 2018: Day 29 – Job 29

I think there is only one song that would be appropriate for this chapter.

Job speaks about the years gone by when he was respected, and really revered, by all those in the city and beyond.  But notice the reason why he was so respected  and why they were defined as his glory days.  Look at vs.12 and you can read: “because I delivered the poor who cried, and the orphan who had no helper.”  There then follows a whole litany of ways in which Job had helped the most destitute around him.  It was this highlight of his life which he missed the most.  Because of his current condition he is no longer able to “champion the cause of the stranger.”

The days that Job describes in chapter 29 when he “chose their way and sat as a chief”, were long since gone.  You will notice that in the next chapter things are very different.

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