October 19, 2018: Day 69 – Proverbs 27

There are a couple of verses here that I want to look at.  Look first at vs.17 where we read “iron sharpens iron”.  It goes on to say that we are able to sharpen the wits of each other.  The literal Hebrew is that we are able to sharpen the “face” of each other.  This verse is used consistently to refer to how when we hold each other accountable it allows us to sharpen each other.  Normally this verse is used to how Christians are able to help each other out and strengthen each other as we go about our daily lives.  Iron sharpens iron.  We are able to sharpen each other.

The other verse I would like us to look at is vs.25 where it speaks of when the grass is gone, new growth appears.  I’ll never forget driving along in the countrysides of Italy and seeing the shepherds with their flock of sheep and seeing them setting fields on fire so that once they were burned down to nothing, grass would soon grow and it would provide their flocks places to graze.  It strikes me a bit strange that we transition from making sure that the reader is not doing really evil things, to making sure that they are keeping care of their flocks by night.  These verses do reflect how important it is to know that what we do during the day will affect what our livelihood will be.  

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