Day 26 – October 5, 2023: Leviticus 9-12 and Hebrews 5-6

God continues to give orders to Moses and Aaron about how to lead the people in religious worship while at the same time giving clear directives on diet and what can be eaten and what should be avoided. We have an unfortunate incident of two of Aaron’s sons who decided to go rogue and strike out on their own and create their own religious traditions. God was not pleased to say the least, to the point where Aaron and his sons who survived were not allowed to mourn at all.

The detail of what could be eaten and what could not be eaten is pretty extensive. But keep in mind these dietary laws were also in place to keep the people alive. Can you imagine the slaughter if people ate pork in a way that it was not supposed to be eaten? But fortunately we have Peter in Acts who has a dream which allows people to eat all that which God has created and basically makes these dietary laws null and void.

Hebrews continues to provide us super solid foundational Scripture. One section that caught my eye was 5:4 where we read that those who are called to ordained ministry shall not presume this “honor”, but only take it when they are called by God. What a reminder that we do not choose on our own whether we are called by God to ordained ministry, but rather God does the choosing and then the congregation affirms that this is indeed God’s call. Sorry, it caught my attention.

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