June 21, 2022: Day 131 – II Chronicles 11-16

We begin again by seeing a divided kingdom, but the emphasis is going to be on the south, that is on Judah where Jerusalem is located.  It is in the south where the family line of David continues and his sons and his progeny continue to rule.  In the north you have another line of rulers that is not taken from David’s side of the family.  Let’s l9ok at who takes Solomon’s place after he dies.  

We pick up with king Rehoboam who is the son of Solomon.  He does pretty well.  Remember, the goal is to keep faithful to God even in the midst of a land where paganism surrounds the country.  Rehoboam looked to go agains the north to take back the north and unite the country once more, but God said no because this division was from Him since the people had been unfaithful. At the end of his time Rehoboam does what was evil in the sight of God.

He is succeeded by Abijah who does a pretty good job in following God.  He is then succeeded by his son Asa who does a spectacular job and rules over Judah and Jerusalem for over 35 years.  He took away the idols, even from his own queen mother and made her step down because she had an idol.  In the last chapter we see that he starts to move away from the Lord and rely on his allies for victories and God is not super thrilled by that.  He reigns for 41 years.  That’s a pretty good run.

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