November 15, 2017: Day 86 – Esther 10

And so it comes to a close, a nearly 90 day challenge.  Our next challenge will be a 50 day challenge which will begin on December 26 and it will cover the book of Genesis.  But let’s close this one out strong with Esther chapter 10.  There isn’t much in this chapter, just 3 verses in all.  I was struck by the parallel between Joseph and Mordecai.  Mordecai took the initiative to save his people through the work of the current reigning power.  Joseph did the same.  Joseph was in a position where he was able to save his family because of his position which was the second in command to the king.  Mordecai was also the second in command to the king.  Look back over the life of Joseph, if you want, and it will also serve as a tease for our next challenge: Genesis 37-50.

When all is said and done we see that the people of God are saved and God did indeed raise up a person to do just that.  Isn’t that what God has continued to do over history?  Isn’t that what God has done in our own individual lives?  God loves and God saves and God redeems, and God never tires of us.  God is faithful.  I hope you enjoyed this challenge, and I pray that you will continue to read Scripture and see it as a light unto your feet.


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