March 31, 2017: Day 90 – Psalm 90

So this psalm begins a new section called Book 4 which encompasses psalms 90-106.  The entire book of Psalms has 5 sections and we are heading into the next to last section.  Hard to believe that we are so far into our Psalm Challenge.  If it were a 90 Day Challenge we would be done today!

I have often referred to verse 4 when I speak about the story of creation.  I am what one would call a creationist.  I believe the story of creation as found in Genesis.  I just don’t think it took 7 literally 24 hour days in order to create the world.  I believe that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago.  The point of creation is simply that God created.  I use vs.4 as an example that the timing of God is not the same as our own.  When the Scripture says that God created in 7 days there is nothing that limits our understanding to think that it was 7 literal days.  But the point of this psalm is not creation.  

We find the introduction of this psalm calling it a prayer of Moses.  You remember him.  He was the one who led the people of Israel across the Red Sea onto dry land.  He was the one who received the 10 Commandments directly from God.  He was the one who experienced first hand the wrath of God as it is described in vs.7.  

I can picture Moses putting this prayer together.  The actual petition itself begins in vs.13 and goes till the end.  Before the petition we find the prayer of Moses being that of one extolling the attributes and the presence of the Lord as witnessed throughout history.  That is a great way to pray.  Begin with a celebration and then follow it up with a petition if you happen to have one.

The petition that Moses brings before the Lord is asking God to turn His anger away from the Israelites.  This could very well be a prayer that he prayed once God said that they would not enter the promised land, but rather the generations that followed would enter.  Who knows when it was, but I can definitely picture Moses putting this prayer together.

In unrelated news, today if Friday and it has been raining like crazy.  Today also is one of my favorite days because I get to meet with the preschool kids.  Here is a song that we sang today.

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