March 30, 2017: Day 89 – Psalm 89

This is one of the earlier praise songs that I can remember.  I really, really like this song.  And who knew that the words to it came from Psalm 89?  So did you notice how this psalm is broken down?  From the beginning of this psalm all the way to vs.18 you have the author speak to the mighty power of God.  He goes on for 18 verses about how amazing and good God is.  He speaks specifically about how powerful God is.  

Then starting in vs. 19 you have the voice of God ring loud and clear and He is absolutely an ally who is by the side of the people of God in all situations.  God is speaking specifically to David, or at least the one enthroned by God.  Thanks to Dot for the insight into who Ethan the Ezrahite was.  He was a grandson of Samuel, the high priest.  He would have been a close friend of David as well.  But once these verses end in vs.38 we see a very clear strong transition.

We find the author bemoaning the fact that Israel has turned its back on God and so as a result God will strike them down.  It is another lament that has come out of the psalm of joy.  But it ends with the thanksgiving of vs.52 where we are told that in all times and in all things: Blessed be the Lord God forever and ever.  Now that’s the truth (which is a literal translation for Amen and Amen).

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