October 20, 2020: Day 59 – Ezekiel 7

This is a very direct and powerful oracle against Israel, even to the point where it states that the home of the Lord, which would be the temple, would be filled with the violent and they will profane it.  You can see this in vs.22 where the prophet says God calls the temple his: “treasured place” which can also be translated as “secret place”.  

You know that song his eye is on the sparrow, right?  I love that song primarily because it was one of my favorites when we were in Russia because there was a guy names Sydney in our choir who could sing it and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the place.  Sydney, a refugee from Liberia, actually came and worshipped with us a few times here in Strasburg.  But look at vs.4 where we read the Lord say that “my eye will not spare you, I will have no pity.  I will punish you for your ways.”  That is quite a bit different from the song that we have below. 

But that tends to be the direction that Ezekiel takes us, at least in the beginning of this book of the Bible.  Israel has crossed the line, they have worshipped other gods, and they have relied upon their wealth to provide them with security.  God does not take kindly to that.  A lesson for any of us who might be worshipping other gods or find refuge in our wealth.

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