March 13, 2020: Day 41 – I Kings 5

From last chapter, where we saw the expanse of Solomon’s influence, we transition to now this chapter where we read of an individual king to whom Solomon reaches out to gather his help in building a temple.  When Solomon reaches out to him he cites his father David as wanting to build the  temple but simply was not able to because he was always at war with the nations around him.  But now that things have calmed down, and now that there is a pax solomona (I made that up), then can you help me build the temple?

This king, King Hiram of Tyre, had the best lumber workers and wood workers in the region and Solomon got him to agree to help out and send his materials his way.  Solomon arranged all the logistics that were necessary in order for that to take place.  He also not only contacted the lumber folks, but also set up the stone workers in a way that they would not be without work.

In this time of upside down I find myself more and more involved in administrative and logistical tasks that I have not been so intensely involved in since my time in Russia.  Here in the US we have a real separation of duties which is great when people are able to meet and sort out who does what.  But when something like this comes along it requires that a new system and that a new routine be put into place.  We are well on our way to doing that.  Hopefully we can do it in such a way that we remain connected as a church body,  and as the human race.

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