February 5, 2019: Day 4 – Numbers 4

If you look at the structure of the Presbyterian Church (USA) you will see that it is not in any way a top down organization.  We have people within the church who have taken on leadership responsibilities, but they are members of the church just like any other member of the church.  In this chapter in Numbers we see that God chose specific people with very distinct individualistic roles which revolved around worship and the tabernacle.  From within his people he chose people who would be responsible for the detail of spreading a tent and cloth over the tabernacle.  There was another group of people responsible for carrying the tabernacle from point A to point B and every point in between.  There was another group of people responsible for carrying the accouterments around the tabernacle.  

The way in which the people from these three categories were chosen depended on the family into  which they were born.  So every person born in that family had one role and one role alone and they could not have grown out of their role or responsibility.  That is not the way in which we ask people to serve around here.  We don’t have all the people of one last name serve in this capacity, and another last name in a different capacity.  Where you are called to serve is where you will be asked to serve.

This week the young adults Sunday School class is taking a spiritual gifts inventory.  It is supposed to help to discern where we are gifted and so ultimately where we are called to serve.  I have never done this before at a church before, but I am looking forward to it because it should give some direction and guidance to people who are looking to get plugged in.  Notice that Moses continues to obey the commandments of the Lord and it seems at this point that things are going pretty well.  

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