May 4, 2022: Day 95 – Isaiah 52-55 and Matthew 16

This felt like a short and manageable Scripture.  Isn’t that something when you read 5 chapters and it feels that way.  It could be that they are somewhat familiar Scriptures so you find yourself in a comfort zone and it feels better as you read it.  Chapter 52 contains the Scripture that we see used in the New Testament to describe John the Baptist especially in vs.7

Chapter 53 is entirely about the suffering servant and a section that is good to read especially during Lent as we see his suffering spelled out.  Chapter 55 contains verses that remind me of this song.  

Then we find ourselves in Matthew 16 which is where Peter declares that Jesus is the Messiah and that statement is the foundation of the church.  The Lordship of Jesus is the most important part of who we are as disciples.

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