May 27, 2017: Day 147 – Psalm 147

You may not know it but there is a mountain in Israel that actually has snow.  In fact, the more the ice cap is on the mountain, then the more secure Israel is in regards to water.  The mountain is called Mt. Hermon and it is one of those areas of Israel that is contested.  They say the one who controls the water, controls the region.  If you take that logic out one more step, you can also say the one who controls the mountain, controls the region.  Part of the mountain is in an area called the Golan Heights which was taken by the Israelis from the Palestinians and annexed by them in 1981.

When the psalmist speaks of snow and how it melts and provides the water, it is not a negative thing which we may envision, that is all positive in the mindset of the Middle Easterner.  Water is life in that region of the world.  This psalm is peppered with the phrase: “Praise the Lord.”  For some reason this song came to my mind.  It was one that I loved when I was in high school.  

Actually, it is this song that I like from Mylon Lefever.

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