March 5, 2017: Day 64 – Psalm 64

When I was working my way through college throughout the summer I had my own apartment in Linwood, NJ and worked at Golf and Tennis World in Atlantic City.  I would periodically be given tickets to see boxing bouts at the casinos in Atlantic City and I would love to go.  I loved boxing, in high school for a couple of years a few of my friends and I bought gloves and boxed, just to the body.  It was fun.  I loved watching boxing because it would go back and forth and when you thought someone had a bout locked up, the other person would come back and win.  It was exciting.

These Psalms feel like a boxing match.  At the beginning you have the author calling out to God for help (vs.1-2).  He lists the negative attributes of his enemy, but by doing so builds up his enemy as a formidable foe (vs.3-5).  Once he builds them up he gets to a point where it seems like he is going down for the count, well, God then comes to his rescue (vs.7-9).  Then he ends the psalm with a celebration and a victory dance (vs.10).  A bit like what Freddy Mercury had to say in this song (please pardon the outfit, I don’t condone it):

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